The First Post

Manual Productions is a creative studio specialising in strategic storytelling. My name is Milla Koivisto and I started my company a little over five weeks ago. At present we are not much more then a little seed. 

I wanted to create something I could grow and develop. My background is in the arts, so I thought it was a natural choice to start there. I have always been an inventive person and studied several creative subjects, everything from dancing to illustration to classical flute and filmmaking. My love for communication and problem solving have always been powered by my curiosity. I still feel like a kid most of the time.  

Throughout my life I have had a variety of jobs, many of them nothing to do with the creative world. I ve seen up close the every day operations of several small businesses. What I noticed was that many companies had a big problem. A visual problem. Their product or service was great, they even had a good client base, but very little attention was put on how their products or their company looked to the potential customer. This made me realise I could help them. As a visual person I knew how much value we put on looks. A good looking product can be priced higher. A strong identity in your company creates confidence in the buyer. If your values are not communicated clearly the potential customer might make up the message herself and that might not be the intended message.   

My aim is to serve my clients by helping them communicate their story authentically, innovatively and with passion. I aim to turn their visual problem in to my creative solution. Earl Nightingale said it beautifully: ’Problems are challenges to creative minds. Without problems there would be little reason to think at all.’

Now let's create!

Be Brave,

Milla Koivisto