Location: Bengtskär

Coordinates: 59°43′23″N 22°29′56″E 

District: Southwest Finland

Bengtskär is a small skerry in the archipelago sea in Finland. The island belongs to the Dragsfjärd municipality in Southwest Finland. The small, 2 ha island has become famous for it´s lighthouse. The Bengtskär lighthouse rises 52 meters above sea level and is the tallest in the Nordics.

The lighthouse has 252 steps and two small ladders that take you up to the beacon. From the beacon you can see the seemingly endless Baltic Sea in all directions and on a clear night in the horizon the Hanko lighthouse.

The building was constructed in 1906 and is still in operation. In 1941 a battle was fought on the island between Finland and Soviet forces and the marks of the battle are still visible on the granite rock. Today the island is a popular destination for the adventurous ones. The living quarters of the former lighthouse families have been turned to a small hotel with six rooms. The island also has a sauna. During spring and summer the island becomes a home for an eider population. A flock of 300 birds come to nest on the island and give birth to their young. There is also a thriving toad and frog population. When the sun goes down the toads and frogs can be seen crawling and hopping everywhere. They are particularly fond of the flat helicopter landing field in the middle of the island and wander in flocs of tens. 

The magic of Bengtskär is in its rich history and the scars the island still bears from the battle. It is also in it´s remote location and the barrenness of the landscape. The constantly changing weather creates a different mood from day to day and makes living on this little island never boring.