In this blog post I examine what knowledge is, introduce our online helper Knowla and talk about my fascination for science fiction.

Introducing Knowla.jpg

Introducing Knowla

What is the definition of knowledge? How do we know something is true instead of just thinking it is? Knowledge could be defined as a process where one thoroughly understanding a concept, information or description through personal experience and outer information. With this description a persons knowledge would consist of learning through her/his failures and successes + gathered information from other peoples failures and successes.

Knowledge is something human beings naturally crave. We are a curious species and as a result our curiosity makes us smarter which in return can make us more influential, effective and successful in life. 


I created Knowla with the aim to form a pathway between Manual Productions and our online audience. The purpose of Knowla is to simplify information, introduce new projects, and most importantly to interact with our online audience. I wanted to create a narrater type of character who would bridge the gap between our audience and the things we create. 

Knowla 1.0 is made of acrylic paint and converter into digital files. She was originally part of a bigger tribe created in 2012. In 2012 I painted a series called “Ancestors” and exhibited it in Helsinki Finland. Currently Knowla only has a face, but I look forward to shaping her outer and inner character. 


My fascination for scifi began a long time ago. The first scifi I wrote was a short story titled `People Don´t Really Die They Go On Vacation`. The story was built around a romantic narrative between a human and a machine that tried to be human (so a very classic pinnochio story imdeed). I was fascinated to explore the idea of convincing a human to feel for something that he/she knows is not organic. 

Why artificial intelligence, scifi and robotics are such a fascinating field is because they allow us to examine what it is to be a human and what is the essence of humanness. Knowlas purpose is not to answer these huge questions, but to make us connected and interactive. With the help of Knowla I hope to connect with all you wonderful humans out there! Looking forward to a year of communication with a human/artificial touch!