Marketing campaign.


Create a social media marketing campaign for Suomen Jalometallikierrätys.


257 721 Recyclers Campaign. We created a marketing campaign with a human-centric approach. The focus of the campaign was on the consumers who have already used SJMK`s services. SJMK´s customer base stretches all over Finland. For the visual look we used hand drawn images (faces). The campaign includes static images and animation/motion graphic video for Facebook and Instagram.


Video series.


Create a miniseries exploring an individuals creative process and creative thinking. The topic was approached by filming four professionals working in the creative field.


We created an intimate mini series `They Call It Creativity´ featuring four Helsinki based women, artist Sophie Schubakoff, designer and art director Johanna Souru, calligrapher Aini Mäensivu and illustrator Linda Vuorenvirta. The series is an in-house production by Manual Productions.


Visual design.


Social media strategy, visual identity and content creation for Suomen Jalometallikierrätys social media accounts. The focus of the visual design was to communicate SJMK´s values by educating the public on the environmental benefits of recycling unused precious metals.


We created a social media strategy which focuses on:

1) educating the public about the negative environmental impacts industrial gold mining has causing loss of biodiversity, erosion, contamination of surface- and ground water and soil.

2) the safe and easy way to use the service and recycle unwanted or unused precious metals.

We communicated the company values using visual designs including video, animation, photography and illustration. This included sharing behind the scenes footage and interviews with the company goldsmiths, other employees and customer stories. We shared information about the impact industrial gold mining has on the environment and informed the public on how to recycle their precious metals.